RCMP-GRC 2467E: Statutory declaration

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Statutory declaration Form

To Witness:

make this declaration for the purpose of establishing entitlement to survivor benefits payable in respect of the late

And do solemnly swear that:
And do solemnly swear that:
I did not live with the plan member during the following periods for the following reasons:
Dates not living with plan member
From  ( YYYYMMDD) To  ( YYYYMMDD) Reason
I lived with the plan member at the following addresses (listing the most recent address first):
Dates living with plan member
Full address From  ( YYYYMMDD) To  ( YYYYMMDD)
I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it has the same effect as if made under oath.


  1. Examples of the types of details required for Statement 5 concern how and to what extent you shared finances, shared ownership of property and household items, shared domestic responsibilities, participated jointly in social or recreational activities, and shared responsibility for children (if applicable). Explain how you each represented your relationship to family, friends, colleagues, and to others in the community. Please address the following items and any additional information that you consider relevant to your claim:
    1. The daily personal relationship with the plan member and care of each other
    2. Joint participation in neighbourhood or community activities with the plan member and with each other's families and how those families behaved toward you
    3. The attitude and conduct of the community towards you both as a couple
    4. The financial arrangements between you and the plan member with respect to household expenses and ownership of property
    5. Your attitude and conduct concerning your responsibility for children in your care
  2. Other federal superannuation acts (for Statement 7):
    • Canadian Forces Superannuation Act
    • Public Service Superannuation Act
    • Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act
    • Diplomatic Service (Special) Superannuation Act
    • Lieutenant Governors Superannuation Act
    • Governor General's Act
    • Judges Act
  3. If there is not enough space on the declaration form to answer a question fully, attach additional pages and, in the response to that question on the form, indicate how many pages are attached. Each attached page must be initialed by you and by the person before whom the statement is being sworn

RCMP- GRC 2467E (2014-07-001)

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