RCMP-GRC 3006-2E: Service buyback form balance of pension transfer agreement

service buyback form balance of pension transfer agreement PDF, 730KB)

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This form must be completed electronically. If not possible, please complete it in dark ink using capital letters.

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1. Payment for Pension Purposes

Complete this form to purchase the balance of service not covered by a Pension transfer agreement

Carefully read the instructions before completing the following part of this form.

1. I choose to pay for the following service for pension purposes.

A. Balance of service not covered by a Pension transfer agreement:

Employer name From  ( YYYYMMDD) To  ( YYYYMMDD)

2. Method of payment

Payment may be made in a lump sum or by monthly instalments, or both

Option 1

Cheques, bank drafts and money orders shall be made payable to the Receiver General for Canada

Option 2


I have read and fully understand the above and the attached instructions. I understand that in most circumstances an election for prior service is a binding and irrevocable agreement. I understand that the original form must be sent to the address provided in the instructions within one month of the date of signing.

Retain a copy of the form for your records.

This form must be mailed to:

Government of Canada Pension Centre—Mail facility
150 Dion Boulevard
PO Box 8500 
Matane QC  G4W 0E2

Instructions to plan member

1. Completion of the form

Care should be taken when completing this form since, under most circumstances, a service buyback is a binding, irrevocable agreement. Please ensure that the dates of the service which you enter are complete and accurate and only apply to periods of service that you wish to count.

Complete all sections of the form that apply to your situation

  1. Section A refers to Pensionable Employment
  2. Section B refers to service for which you received a transfer value or a commuted value under the RCMPSA, the CFSA, or the PSSA
  3. Section C refers to RCMP service which was transferred out under a pension transfer agreement that is no longer to your credit under the plan to which it was transferred

Method of payment

  • Option 1: If you are choosing to pay by a lump sum, enter in the dollar amount if known. Select Cheque, Bank draft, Money order, RRSP or RPP. Payments are to be made payable to the Receiver General for Canada. The Government of Canada Pension Centre will advise when the lump sum payment is due. If payment is not received by the deadline date, the buyback will be considered void.

    1. Note 1: If you buy back pensionable employment outside of the Federal Government, any pre-1992 service must be purchased by means of a direct transfer from your previous pension plan. If your funds have already been moved out of the plan, then the pre-1992 service cannot be purchased.

    2. Note 2: If you buy back previous RCMP, Public Service or Canadian Forces service in respect of which you received a Transfer Value or Commuted Value, the pre-1992 service must be purchased by a transfer from registered funds.

  • Option 2: If you are choosing to pay by monthly instalments, select "Minimum monthly deduction" or enter the duration and estimated coinciding monthly instalment amount you wish to pay. Note that payments will be deducted semi-monthly from your pay cheque. For example, if you indicate $200.00 next to "estimated monthly instalment of $", $100.00 will be deducted from your semi-monthly pay cheque.

    If you choose to pay for your service buyback by means of monthly deductions, please note that interest and mortality charges will be applicable and will be included in the cost. The first payment is due at the end of the month in which the service buyback is received by Public Works and Government Services Canada. Full or partial default of the monthly deduction(s) may result if there is a delay in commencing the correct monthly payment, and it may be necessary to increase your monthly payment to cover the default.

2. Forwarding the form

After completing the form, retain a copy for your records and forward the original immediately to:

Government of Canada Pension Centre—Mail facility
150 Dion Boulevard
PO Box 8500 
Matane QC  G4W 0E2

Use of registered mail is recommended but not required. If sent by registered mail, the receipt of registration should be kept for your records.

The completed service buyback form must be forwarded within one month of signing the form. Failure to send the form within the prescribed time will result in the service buyback being declared invalid.

3. Validation of service buyback

  • Medical examination - If you purchase your service within the "normal" time frame, no medical is required. The "normal" time frame is the later of one year from September 1, 2012 or one year from the day you became a contributor to the RCMP Pension Plan.

    If you choose to pay for these types of service buybacks (including part-time Public Service after September 1, 2012) in a lump sum, no medical is required, regardless of when you make the buyback. If you choose to pay by instalments after the "normal" time frame, a medical examination will be required.

    You must undergo your medical up to six months before or six months after you sign your Service buyback form.

  • Service verification - Official verification of service is required to validate any service buyback. This process may necessitate a significant amount of time. If you are asked to help verify this service, your cooperation will be essential. The starting of deductions does not mean that the service is valid.

  • Past service pension adjustment (PSPA) - A PSPA must be declared for all service buybacks in respect of post 1989 service. This calculation and declaration will be processed for you by the Government of Canada Pension Centre. Where the Canada Revenue Agency does not approve the PSPA, the service buyback will be invalid and, if applicable, you will be advised what options are available.

4. Additional information

Please note that there may be additional information that pertains to your specific situation.

The www.rcmp.pension.gc.ca website is an excellent source of information on service buybacks. We recommend you consult it before signing this agreement.

RCMP- GRC 3006-2E (2014-07-001)

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