For Annuitants / Survivors - Enrol now for direct deposit

As part of the Government of Canada's efforts to reduce paper consumption and increase efficiency we are phasing-out paper cheques in favour of direct deposit. To avoid delays in the receipt of your monthly pension payment, enrol in direct deposit now. To enrol, you may call the Pension Centre or send them a written request with a void cheque.

Benefits of direct deposit

Fast and convenient - Your money is quickly deposited into your account and immediately available to you.

Safe and secure - Unlike cheques, there is virtually no risk of your payment being lost, stolen or damaged.

Reliable and on time - Your payment will never be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. As soon as the payment is issued, it is deposited into the account of your choice and may immediately begin to earn interest.

Epost - All annuitants/survivors receiving their monthly pension payment through direct deposit is eligible to register for Epost. Epost is Canada Post's secure online delivery service. It is free to subscribe and gives you the option to receive and view your pension documents online. You can access your pension documents from a simple and secure location -- anytime, anywhere, for up to 7 years.