Pension Transfer Agreements

Pension Transfer Agreements (PTA) provide another way of counting your prior pensionable service with an outside employer under the RCMP Pension Plan.  It also provides another way for you to transfer your RCMP Pension Plan credits to an outside employer.

If you leave outside employment to become employed as a member of the RCMP, and a PTA has been negotiated between the two employers, you may be eligible to transfer your accrued pension credits to the RCMP Pension Plan.  Please note that the acquired pension credits under the RCMP Pension Plan as a result of the transfer may not be equivalent to the exporting employer's pension credits.  For example, this may occur when the benefit formula under your previous employer's pension plan was lower than the one under the RCMP Pension Plan.

How do I request that an Agreement be negotiated or start the PTA process?

Transfer in

To initiate the PTA process, upon engagement, complete Enrolment Information and Acknowledgement of Plan Membership form (RCMP-GRC 571).  This form can be obtained from the Government of Canada Pension Centre.

If you are currently a member and wish to initiate the PTA process, please contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre

If an Agreement exists, a letter will be sent with the applicable forms and instructions.  If there is no agreement in place, the RCMP Pension Transfer Agreement Unit will review the request to determine if an agreement can be negotiated and advise accordingly.

Once the PTA is negotiated, the process is as follows:

  1. You will be advised of the amount of funds available for transfer from your former employer, and how much service those funds would purchase under the RCMP Pension Plan;
  2. If you decide to transfer the funds from your former employer you will be required to submit a “Request for Transfer” form which will be provided to you along with the estimate;
  3. The funds will then be transferred from your former employer; and
  4. If applicable, an estimate of the cost to purchase the period of service not covered by the transfer will be provided to you.

Transfer out

It is important to note that a Transfer out is only possible if you have not received any benefit from the RCMP Pension Plan.  If you choose this option, pension payments will not commence.  If a PTA is not negotiated, retroactive pension payments will be paid without interest.  Your insurance benefits will also be impacted.

If you are currently looking to transfer RCMP pension credits to your new employer and a PTA is currently in place, you must contact your employer to complete the appropriate forms to initiate the transfer process.

If a PTA with your new employer does not exist, inform your new employer that if they wish to initiate PTA negotiations, they must write to the RCMP Pension Transfer Agreement Unit confirming that:

  • they are interested in entering into a PTA;
  • their plan is registered under the Income Tax Act; and,
  • they have at least ten active members.

The address for the RCMP Pension Transfer Agreement Unit is:

RCMP Pension Transfer Agreement Unit
73 Leikin Drive, Mailstop #31
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0R2

It should be noted that no action will be taken by the RCMP Pension Transfer Agreement Unit unless a request to negotiate a PTA is received directly from your new employer.