Death of a survivor; Survivor/dependant: Royal Canadian Mounted Police pension

As the survivor of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Pension Plan member, some benefits and coverage continue upon your death while others cease.

You may want to know…

What happens to your survivor benefit upon your death?

Your Survivor benefits are payable until the end of the month during which you die.

What happens to the child allowance upon your death?

Upon your death, the children continue to receive a child allowance for as long as they are entitled to it. Following your death, the child allowance is doubled.

Is there a minimum amount guaranteed under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pension Plan?

Yes. The RCMP Pension Plan guarantees that a minimum benefit equal to five times the plan member's unreduced annual pension payment will be paid out. If the total payments made to the plan member and to the survivor and children are less than the minimum guaranteed amount, the balance will be paid to the designated beneficiary or the estate. For more information, please refer to minimum benefit.

Does public service group insurance benefits plan coverage continue for any surviving children upon your death?

Any child who is entitled to the child allowance may continue to be covered by the Public Service Health Care Plan and the Pensioners' Dental Services Plan rules as long as the child applies for his/her own coverage and the required contributions are paid.

If you have remarried or established a common-law relationship prior to your death, your new spouse or common law partner's health and dental care coverage ends upon your death.

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