Instructions to access your Pension Portal

  1. Enter your smartcard (building pass) number into your computer
  2. Select the Personalized pension tools link for access to the secure portal. This will open the Smartcard/Token sign-in page
  3. Enter your Human Resources Management Information System number (HRMIS #) into the User name field and your Novell login password (password used to log into your computer) in the Password field
  4. Select Run, then select Allow if an Entrust box appears
  5. Enter your Entrust password and select OK
  6. Enrol if this is the first time you are entering the secure portal
  7. Enter your regimental number where indicated and select Validate
  8. You will be taken to  the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Employee Pension website where the personalized pension tools are located
  9. Select pension tools
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