Active members: Using pension tools and updating personal information

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What you can do with pension tools

The personalized pension tools are online self-service tools available to you within the secure pension web applications for active members. You can use these tools to:

What you will need to get started

To access the secure pension web application, you will need a Government of Canada—issued piece of identification such as:

More information

Instructions to access your personalized pension tools

Updating your personal information

To update your personal information, go to the active member section of this site and follow these steps:

  1. sign in to the active member pension applications (accessible only on the Government of Canada network)
  2. select the personalized pension tools from the left navigation menu, select member information and your contact information

Getting the latest updates from the Pension Centre

With your current contact information, the Government of Canada Pension Centre may send you information, such as the plan enrolment package for new employees or leave without pay (LWOP) information package, in a timely manner.

This also allows the Pension Centre to notify you when a response is available in your secure messaging mailbox. To receive these notices, add your work email address to your contact information.

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