Active members: Life events and your Royal Canadian Mounted Police pension and benefits

Changes in your life could make a difference to your Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) pension and group insurance benefits. Learn how to navigate these life events while maintaining your RCMP plan entitlements.

Services and information

New to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP Pension Plan and group insurance benefits plans reassure members today and for years to come

Increasing your pension or becoming eligible sooner

Different means to increase your pensionable service and service in the force by while you're employed and an RCMP Pension Plan member

Taking a leave of absence

About leave without pay and how it can affect your pension entitlements in the leave without pay information package

Getting married or reaching common-law status

Your new partner may be eligible for coverage under your pension and group insurance plans


Questions and answers about your options in the event that you become disabled or suffer from a long-term illness

Becoming a parent

Questions and answers outlining the programs, policies and plans under which you and your family may be covered

Ending your employment

Questions and answers that will help you understand your pension options and eligibility rules under your insurance benefit plans

Divorce or separation

The possible impact of divorce or separation on your pension and insurance benefits plans

When death occurs

Potential survivor and child entitlements under the RCMP Pension Plan

Preparing for retirement

Tools and products to help you choose the benefits that are right for you

Working past age 65

Questions and answers for RCMP Pension Plan members who continue to work after 65 years of age

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